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Artist: MARK LANE (@)
Title: Inner Most Folds
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Editions Mark Lane
Rated: *****
Mark Lane released his latest CD two years ago, when Metawave printed the "Creepy a la weepy" CD. After two years he come back just in time to celebrate his 25th anniversary as a musician. This celebration include the release of three different things: a MCD titled INNER MOST FOLDS (this one), a 7" (including a different mix of "Elephant" plus "Atomium", a non CD track) and a 24 tracks double CD compilation with classic, rare and unreleased tracks. INNER MOST FOLDS MCD has four tracks and on this one Mark’s style span through dramatic electronic instrumental pieces (the main track), tracks similar to John Foxx of the "Golden section" period but with a massive use of string sounds ("The wealth of experience" is the one), and tracks like "Halcyon sentimental" that melodically sounds like John Foxx singing a Gary Numan’s song (but Mark’s vocals make it turn into a fresh electro wave tune). The closing tune is an instrumental version of "Elephant" and it’s the one that is less catching my attention, maybe because being without vocals it is less efficient but it is a nice track anyway. I liked this release as well I liked the old one so, at this point... let’s celebrate!

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