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Title: Trauma
Format: CD
Label: Max Ernst (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****

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George Dzodzuashvili created Post Industrial Boys some time ago but at the beginning of the 90s he created Mjava Message, his first project. This was the first effort that brought him to join other people and to form the group Goslab. The Post Industrial Boys moniker born two years ago with the release of the first self named album. Now, two years later, with the help of different people on lyrics and vocals, George release TRAUMA. Containing 20 delicate acoustic electronic songs The album also contain "Benzilina", a track originally from the Mjava Message period. Since the first listening it is clear how much the collective from Tblisi / Georgia worked on this release: it has so many moods (if "Stay mute" and "Afternoon" are a sort of acoustic electronic version of Belle And Sebastian, the following "Iced sea" or the opening "Two in one" are dark intimate electronic songs) that sometimes it seems to listening to a compilation of a band. The songs are now jazzy with light electronic orchestrations and then minimal and melancholic. Sometimes it seems to listening to an updated version of Orange Juice. Very creative indeed...

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