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Artist: SEABOUND (@)
Title: Double-Crosser
Format: CD
Label: Dependent (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Before I received the new full-length album of one of Germany’s Synth-/Futurepop-based leaders I could already read some first comments complaining that the new SEABOUND stuff wouldn’t be catchy and danceable enough in comparison to previous works of this act. Now, after listening several times to this new album, I must say, that the overall concept behind this album may doesn’t allow to sing about "sunshine-and-cutie-chicks" and to produce stuff which melodic content can grab attention. Professor of psychology, Frank M. Spinath here dissects lyrically in several parts his vision of betrayal and deception of the human mind – for me obviously, that all the "fun" is left out. Like on almost all works I’ve discovered so far from him, I really think, that his knowledge or wisdom he extracts with his music goes deeper, than what he may can read or has learned from his textbooks. If it depends on a simple autumn depression ("October Song", damned – an extendet version of this fine tune is required!!!) or up to breeding hate ("Traitor") doesn’t play a role – his efforts here seem to be a cure for him, also from personal experiences. Therefore it fits that the music produced by Martin Vorbrodt mostly doesn’t follow already known paths, I would qualify this new output being a subtle mixture between Synth-/Futurepop with Dark Electro, while not sliding into crude EBM attitudes. The arrangements are – as usual – fine and detailed worked out, some pieces really offer a spacey feeling thanks to rich included layer sounds ("Sapphire"). I agree with the included info sheet that with this release the acceptance and the success of SEABOUND internationally will grow - also the fact that Eskil Simonsson of the Swedish act COVENANT has produced two tracks is another proof of this. This is one of the fine Dependent releases, which made this label that sought-after - not too commercial-oriented and with the right sense for quality and rich art. Go out, and try hard to get the limited DCD edition featuring extra remix works by COVENANT, ROTERSAND and O. Wollschläger.

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