Music Reviews

Artist: STROMKERN (@)
Title: Reminders
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Dependent (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Long awaited 2nd release out of the successful last STROMKERN full-length release "Light It Up", and also the needed sales item to offer a new release on the mutual world with FRONT LINE ASSEMBLAGE. No doubt also, that "Reminders" was chosen to be pointed out f "Light It Up", it is indeed the most catchiest track from this album. The "ear-worm" qualities this track has to offer brings this piece to the already existing hall of fame of STROMKERN's greatest tracks like "Re-Aligned", "Night Riders" or "Hesitate". So you’ll got a cool Extendet Version, a Trans Siberian Remix work done by no one else than Rhys Fulber (FLA), a great, because completely electronic-based remix work by ECHO VIRUS and also a valuable Impeachment 7" Mix by the legendary US-act OUT OUT. Two unreleased special b-sides are available as well, a dark and with additional bass and guitar sounds constructed piano-driven tune called "The City" and with "Feed The Machine" another quality track featuring Ned’s vocals, which could it easy make it on a full-length album. Although the acoustic component in the music arrangements of STROMKERN have generally grown, I’m still astonished by the excellent compositional efforts by this US act. This is by far the very best SiCD of Dependents DCI Vol. 3 collection, without competition to the other two partner releases.

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