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Title: Thanks For Everything
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Dependent (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
I should admit that this review stands a bit under the influence of a thread readable at the well-known Side-Line online forum, at which the artist and starter of this thread, Gary Zon himself, has asked the forum members to vote for him at an online resource – only to test, if there’s still enough recognition and acceptance for his DISMANTLED project. Lately he has built up a more commercial-oriented side-project called AERODRONE, and the first reactions of the audience seem to be quite good. At first I do not understand why this thread hadn’t got banned from the first posting on to the so-called "Plug Section" of this forum – because it is nothing else than a shameless self-plugging infiltrated with the sarcasm Gary Zon likes to spread with his last full-length CD "Standard Issue". Hard to believe that a well-known and highly anticipated act like DISMANTLED needs to ask for some votes. The Electro/Industrial scene and/or the music business generally isn’t responsible to save and warm someone’s ass. Out there are a lot of working – hard working – people leading a label with names like Dependent and Metropolis. These fine people have offered their attention and trust and have worked hard and a lot for DISMANTLED through the years. A lot of not-lesser talented acts out there would be proud and deserve the deals with which Mr. Zon likes to play his sarcastic games. Gary, try to remember why you got picked up and signed – right, it was that harder and darker sample-driven Electro/Industrial style. Labels like Dependent have seen and heard your talent, but to work with an artist to bring him out with a promising response needs at least three full-length albums in a nearly comparable style. Nothing against musically development - but what have you done album per album? Drastically changes now into pure, danceable, ordinary Futurepop – well, that isn’t what people and what your labels could expect. And so we come to the term of this review, these 5 tracks provided on this SiCD, another part of the DCI, the Dependent Club Invasion Vol. 3. "Thanks For Everything" is a second single release taken out of the third DISMANTLED album "Standard Issue". It is one of the better songs and thanks to the still happened success this album could earn, this release somehow makes sense. So here’s a new Club Version done by Krischan of ROTERSAND, which fills a bit the originally sparse included instrumentals – nice and effective work, as usual. Comes then a new Alternate Version created by Gary Zon himself – in comparison to the work of ROTERSAND it sounds like a – lets say it, first demo version. Two new tracks are created, on which "Spin" gets my vote for the best work here. Note, this is originally an AERODRONE track, but receives a special "Aerodrone to Dismantled Remix" with some cool vocoder effects on the vocals. At least we got another remix done by the US act CESIUM 137 offering some cool breakbeats asides the original. Globally this new output can’t leave the gray area of deep averages – compared to earlier DISMANTLED works including the mentioned debut and also "Post-Nuclear" it sounds quite unimpressed. If there’s really a small doze of seriousness behind that SL forum thread, Gary, you should indeed think to stop or to take a longer break for DISMANTLED. To fill the field with third-class Futurepop can’t be the target a talented man likes to reach. Think about passion and dedication – and let commercial-oriented aspects out for AERODRONE.

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