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Dec 01 2006
Title: Straftanz
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Dependent (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
"Straftanz vor – zurück!" It’s STRAFTANZ time! Loud, very loud, like a command this words will blow out of the clubs right in your face. STRAFTANZ is a new mysterious project which hasn’t left any hint, contact or website printed on this SiCD, which is a part of the successful Dependent Club Invasion, in short DCI, series, a 3 single-CD collection of some more successful acts signed to this label. STRAFTANZ is a newcomer and gives here a debut, which is musically based on a hard pounding beat, a hysterical male EBM shouter giving the "Straftanz" command in 5 "different" versions, some female "Bestrafung" voice samples, a well done synth layer and a noisy pad – that’s it! Two of the 5 versions are remix works by REAPER and AGONOIZE – musically both acts following the given stuff here, but can offer luckily a bit of their own sounds and identity – both remix works hit the original! The other three versions are musically almost the same, they only difference can be separated through the vocals. The lyrical content features the mentioned names of more or less known clubs in the East, West and South of Germany. A bit sad, that there aren’t enough clubs in the North to provide also from this area a special version. Finally there’s a b-side called "Eintausendmal" on which the pounding beat starts slowly to get faster and faster, while this track globally reminds me on some EBM-clobber wannabe tunes, bah! I’m really wondering that the fine and successful Dependent label really likes to offer this low jackass-level only designed for pseudo-aggressive get-hard-be-strong-fanatics. The ugly word "Hellektro" comes to mind, but mostly bands categorized under this moniker have something more to offer. This stuff works well in the clubs, but ONLY in the clubs – in case you’re drunken and/or stoned enough!

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