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Artist: SAEMSKIN (@)
Title: A Smile For Murder
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, here comes a 7-track release done by Josh M. Conley, who stands behind SAEMSKIN. I have to say in advance that this release needed some more attention than a usually Electro/Industrial release, because the content isn’t that easy to pick up. It is a very dark and depressive album which takes its influences out of Ambient, dark Electronica up to Ritual Industrial tunes. So everything here is mostly anxious and creepy stuff, also the inserted percussion sets aren’t taken from up-to-date productions, they moreover provide that ritualistic impression, an almost mediaeval feeling. Deep and ominous synth layers are the leading instruments, several at times strange sounding voice samples provide an audio onslaught on which some "easy-listening" trained ears could have habitual problems. The sparse provided vocals behave like a reporter and comment some things - what counts is the music. It’s a quite interesting mixture, but it requires your fully attention. It’s hard to start some comparisons, the latest release of SAMHAIN without that creepy Electro/EBM feeling far away fits somehow. Check this out and be a bit open-minded, it’s an impressive experience under a good pair of headphones. Available to purchase at CDBaby.

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