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Artist: SHIFT 69 (@)
Title: Language Error
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
Another new release of the German based special mail order service SkullLine, and of course also this piece is limited to only 69 (+ 31 pieces hidden in a special box...) exemplars. It features the musically efforts of Arne J. Schmid, who runs also the Industrial/Powernoise act DEFINE and the Electro/Industrial project NEURONALES NETZWERK. SHIFT 69 differs and provides us electronic music which takes its influences out of styles Techno/Trance, Minimal and Electronica, but with a more experimental touch. Some works of TANGERINE DREAM, KRAFTWERK or the recently on the Swedish label Progress Productions released act SYSTEM come to mind, some remembrances on the 80ies as well, and it fits, that on several tracks the included vocals have received some vocoder effects. The try to fill in something special instead of following already known paths can be heard on almost all tracks, but pieces like "Super Sonic Dance Song" can be called strange with the use of a detuned Country Music guitar riff being the lead instrument here. The title track is available in two different versions and features some KRAFTWERKian rhythm patterns – this element can also be discovered at a track like "The Document". Some other favorites have to named with "The Finder" (a nice almost poppy arranged piece with changing male vocals between natural and vocoderized...) and "Light Commander" (forward-leading danceable track, well done vocals and instrumentals). SkullLine presents a fine output which tries at no time to be the harshest and roughest distorted kind of music at all – it is more an entertaining Electronica album with various facets. Hurry up (note: it’s limited!!!) and purchase it.

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