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Artist: RAN (@)
Title: Ran
Format: CD
Label: Decadance Records (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Ran is a new project of a duo formed by Giorgio (ex Templebeat) and Romina (ex Antinomia and estAsia). Their music blend elements of ethereal/fairy music (thanks to Romina’s vocal style) and electronic music with some industrial arrangement. They are experienced musicians and you can hear that thanks to the atmosphere they are able to create but I must admit that I liked mostly the musical part respect the vocal parts. Unfortunately for me when I listen to female singers that use that style automatically I compare them with Lisa Gerrard or Elizabeth Fraser and even if I don’t care if technically we are facing the same level, I like to be carried away by the personality of that voice. Romina is a good singer but her voice don’t make me feel the emotions I would expect to. Ran’s music seems to be built around her voice because the tracks are based on mid tempos and there’s lack of a carrying melody. To be sincere there are also good tracks like "The great below" or the closing "Splinters" where there’s also a certain amount of energy that exalt Romina’s vocal qualities but, for my tastes, this is what is missing on the previous ones.

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