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Title: Uczulony
Format: CD
Rated: *****
UCZULONY is the third Glaukom Synod demo CD. Behind this moniker you'll find a French guy coming from France/Lambres Lez Douai called Gabriel S. As far as I can listen Gabriel's musical passions are grind metal and industrial music because his tracks are built upon samples of these kind of music. Grown up using Fast Tracker, Gabriel started to develop his personal style made of fast variations of sound/samples and tons of violent distorted "assaults". Luckily for me his tracks are varied and aren't based on the effect violent sound could produce, so along with tracks based on grind samples you'll find also e.b.m. loops and industrial noise to help making the blend more efficient. Even if sometimes tracks don't sound homogeneous because of the sudden sample change, this same thing make Glaukom Synod sound interesting and somewhat unique and when you'll get used to his music you'll start to appreciate his cut ups. Gabriel music isn't sounding professional but with a good production in my opinion we could have good surprises.

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