Music Reviews

Title: Split EP
Format: 7"
Label: Electronic Obsession + 4mg Records (@)
Rated: *****
Born from a collaboration between two labels (Electronic Obsession and 4mg Records), the split Imiafan/Machinepop 7" is a good example of what a do it yourself attitude could produce: fresh good stuff. The two Imiafan tracks "Toothpaste" and "Televizor" are two songs of electronic dark new wave, simple but efficacious. "Toothpaste" is the one that will catch the attention of early Die Form fans while " Televizor " will convince the lover of robotic spatial sounds. Machinepop side sounds more rough with its analogue squares and bleeps. "Stroboskop" and "Electronic dream plant" are a wild ride trough early Devo/Residents sounding like Atari computers that went crazy. The single is printed in a limited edition of 250 copies and if you still have a turntable and if you are a lover of 80's electronic and you appreciate also electronic pop experiments, you could check this one.

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