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Artist: ROSEWATER (@)
Title: Bloodcount
Format: CD
Label: Sturm (@)
Rated: *****
Here we have the newest output of the Latvian Sturm label, the trio ROSEWATER presents us here a strong new rough Dark Electro/EBM/Powernoise album. It seems to me that this act likes to start a strong assault to storm the dark dancefloors of the international scene, simply and alone thanks to the fact that they’ve decided to let this album mastered at the German X-FUSION Music Production studios ( ACYLUM meets GRIDLOCK meets TERRORFAKT, so I would to qualify this explosive mix this nice act has to offer. Things are starting hard and straight-forward with a pounding opener "N.M.E.", while "Unbroken" turns the scenario into a more Powernoise-minded kind – this track also marks one of the highlights on the last "Sturmer III" compilation of this label. "On The Move" then turns back up to rhythmical Powernoise efforts and features a nice analogue synth play. If this band decides to include vocals on their music, then they got a lot of penetration through countless distortion and overdrive effects. Also the kind how they got provided here is harsh and martial – it fits with the rough style this release generally has to offer. Favorites? Well, all of this pieces have that something special here – so this voting belongs on personal preferences: "Cold Refuge" (got already some airplay at Tommy T.’s Cyberage radio show,, the hammering "Nakts un Näve" and "Irreversible Alterations" (shows musically maturity and offers a decent and melodic piano play after the storming Noise massacre, awesome vocoder effect on the vocals, too...). Make sure also to check out the enhanced video and the special hidden track, which is another nice effort based on melodic pianos and noise in the background. I’ve seldom heard a band which can handle that strong the combine both elements, hard and uncompromising Dark Electro/EBM with rhythmically Powernoise efforts. It needs to get heard by a wide and internationally audience – the best release of the last half year! This CD is a real KILLER – PLAY IT LOUD!!!

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