Music Reviews

Nov 17 2006
Title: Slut
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Distributor: Cuervo Loco
Rated: *****
This is a new solo effort leaded by Lucas Smith presenting with this 8 tracks a first audio sign of life. He offers musically a quite interesting combination of dark and depressive Electro/Industrial music filled with dozens of voice samples, but also some organic sounds like a piano as well. Rather a EPCD than a full-length release, this output features four different versions of the track "Slut", originally a sample-driven and rather slow track. To fill in some diversity there are also a Club Mix and an Ambient Dance Mix available, both with typically ingredients like some modern sounding synth bass lines, solid hi-hat work – but in all nothing that would surprise. One foreign remix work is also available created by a band called WHITEOUT – but somehow it can’t offer or add anything surprising. I must admit that the favorites are rather placed in the four extra tracks, especially on the both "Retrospect" (fine worked out rhythm patterns...) and "Left Behind" (nice synth layer sounds...). It should be mentioned that the vocals could really need some improvement, some more courage for the so-called "human factor" instead of let them sounding unnatural wouldn’t be wrong. It is a solid and self-produced first release, quite decent, but nothing outstanding.

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