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Title: The Ruine Process
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: Glow Room Records
Rated: *****
This is not a medieval/Neo-Folk-inspired act hidden behind this German name. It is moreover the debut release of two young Industrial/Powernoise musicians hailing from Tucson, AZ. Mike Jenney and Stuart Slimp made themselves already a good name through some exquisite live performances and for being the warm-up for acts like FUNKER VOGT or COMBICHRIST. You can see a few photos of their gigs printed in the inlay of this CD. So you’ll get here a full-scale rhythmically Powernoise assault which takes its influence out of several styles like classic Industrial, Electro/EBM up to IDM and Dark Ambient. Already the opener "...A Touch" is a fine example of the wide ranged talent this act has to offer. Dark, metallic layer sounds made a scary introduction until the rough distorted drum patterns join the scenario. Follows then "Martyr" which could be called a straight dedication to the works of TERRORFAKT, of you look for a possible comparison. This release lives from its straight and harsh pounding attitude, but has much more to offer than any related Harsh EBM act. There can be easily recognized a real compositional effort, especially in some favorite tracks like "Hep C", "A New Wave Of Terror", "Shallow Grave" and the last piece "Betrayal", the only one track featuring a vocal performance. This rhythmically Powernoise efforts tries hard to jump on the vacant throne of some Ant-Zen/Hands acts!!! Make sure to purchase it!

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