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Nov 17 2006
Artist: DEAD JUMP (@)
Title: Immortal
Format: CD
Label: Resistance Beat Music (@)
Distributor: Fiber Online
Rated: *****
With the demise of MORGUE (MECHANISM) and the hiatus of AGHST VIEW, Brazil has lost their most known acts playing Electro/Industrial music. Surely, there are a lot of talented acts in this huge country, but it’s seldom that one of these acts can break with their area to gain international attention. DEAD JUMP can be already called a veteran act, because this band has had already some first recordings mostly banned on diverse tapes at those days, where Brazil was on top of the scene almost 10 years before. DEAD JUMP has always provided a danceable form of EBM/Dark Electro music, from which I thought – and still think – it takes some influence on some past classic LEAETHER STRIP works. Consisting of Alex Ramos, this band plays hard and straight Electro/EBM/Industrial music, which mostly avoids to use too much trendy sounds. I’m so happy if bands try hard to figure out a new direction without using Hellektro-like anthems – this counts also for DEAD JUMP. Nine new own compositions can be found here, but with "Immortal" and "Resist" there are two pieces which have the whole concentration presented in the given remix works of some well-known names like POLYGON, DISHARMONY, BLC Productions very own Argentinean act ALIEN PRODUKT, DRUMMEL or the Mexican talent C-LEKKTOR. POLYGON and DISHARMONY of course are musically far away from the presented danceable Body tunes and so their works are drifting more or less into Ambient-inspired tunes and slow down the tempo. C-LEKKTOR instead takes up the beat, add some Hellektro-like bass lines to it, but could a bit improve the quality of the given vocals. All remix works are valuable to discover here, but the best pieces Alex has created on his own with the both faster pieces "Life" and "New Behavior". Hats down, Mr. Alex, and congrats to a very promising new full length effort which should easily bring some more exposure to this heavily underrated Brazilian act.

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