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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: New Input Noise
Format: CD
Label: Hellektroempire (@)
Rated: *****
NEW IMPUT NOISE 01 is the first release of a new label called Hellektroempire. Coming from Italy the label, as you can easily understand by reading the bands involved into this compilation (Hypnoskull, Ah Cama-Sotz, Substanz-T, Proyecto Mirage, Atrox, Modulate, Shizuka, H.I.V. Vs Stendeck, Ultra Milkmaids, Lith, Contagious Orgasm, Genetic Selection, Caustic, Bahntier and Mono No Aware), is following the steps of well known foreign labels such as Hands, Ant Zen, Hymen or Caustic Records (to name few), by producing industrial music based on rhythm/sounds manipulations. Fortunately the bands included here don’t produce the same sonic assault that after 30’ make me get a sort of boredom associated with a beginning of headache, they instead expand the concept of music industrialism by using ambient sounds, punk impetuosity (like Proyecto Mirage) or e.b.m. synth sounds. The label’s interest seems also to go beyond music because their aim is to work with graphic and video art. For their first release they wanted to have exclusive or unreleased tracks of the most known acts of the genre and with such "presentation card" they don’t need further words because the quality of the tracks will reassure the lovers of the genre. Hellektroempire have just to maintain this standard for their future releases to find easily a good fanbase.

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