Music Reviews

Title: Shimmy Shimmy Blade
Format: CD
Label: Tsunami Addiction (@)
Rated: *****
Ddamage is the project of two French brothers, Jean-Baptiste and Frederic Hanak from Paris. SHIMMY SHIMMY BLADE is their fourth full length and it is the first for Tsubami addiction (their previous two have been released by Planet Mu). The sixteen tracks of this new album feature on vocals a lot of people: MF Doom, Tes, Existereo, Bigg Jus, Mike Ladd, Dose One, Orko Elohiem, Crunc Tesla, Sin, TTC, Stacs of Stamina. All their guests are part of the independent hip hop scene and this, mixed with their particular blend of grime and electro, make sound this album like a particular one, a CD that you can’t file under a specific genre (even if electronic danceable distortions could be a good way of explaining it). The analogue sounds are mixed with samples, bleeps and 4/4 syncopated rhythms and the hip hop influence is given mainly by the vocals because if you concentrate your attention to the music you’ll discover electro distorted tracks with a dance attitude and thousands of influences that goes from techno to electro with a little bit of experimentations in the middle (try the instrumental ones like "Punkture", "Inter rock" or "Pull the plug").

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