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Title: Anti Matter
Format: CD
Label: Invasion Wreck Chords (@)
Rated: *****
With more than ten years of activity, BooT-SectoR-ViruZ release for Invasion Wreck Chords his latest album titled ANTI MATTER. The CD contains 13 tracks of high rated blend of industrial noise, break beat and ambient with a certain danceable vein (check tracks like "Disco daddy" or the following "Oppression – equal shit"). Each track someway sounds different one from the other because if "Trigger" is more based on rhythm and a melodic line (the female vocal sample is so catchy), "Cruel intentions" is more ambient/break beat, while "Carnivore" is an ambient distorted rhythm freak. Based on samples, rhythms madness and dark atmospheres, the album sounds great. Erik Schleicher did a magnificent job and I suggest you to check this 37th Invasion Wreck Chords release!

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