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Artist: TRITON 83
Title: Kunzt!-Gaz?
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
Another new output of the German SkullLine Mail order service, this release was done by one half of the project TT, which lately brought out a first CD "Opfer:Einheit". The already presented musical elements are also listenable on this new output "Kunzt!-Gaz?", maybe with a stronger dedication to harsh minimal and rhythmically Powernoise efforts. This well done release takes already known elements like pregnant German voice samples and combines them with pounding Electro-like bass line and of course the tormenting distorted drum patterns. "Terrorgefahr" features this element well, it is dedicated to some bombing attacks against trail stations of Berlin. Another heart-felting piece has to be named with "Terror Pakt" featuring the news content of the tragic happening of the terror attack in Beslan. "Hell-Sound" sounds like a cliché and reminds a bit on some OBZÖN GESCHÖPF works. "Warum" and "Lebensberechtigung" continue the more EBM than Powernoise style in a decent way, but then this release turns more and more into the Powernoise/Powerelectronics genre. Still very rhythmically arranged, TRITON 83 offer with the best pieces here, "Seelenfresser" or "Bestie Mensch" a perfect alternative to some known acts like NOISUF-X, XOTOX, FABRIKC or CONTROL-SYSTEM. The dark but still hefty tune "Ozonhole" gets my favorite vote here by offering some well done layers and well set in voice samples. Although not providing anything really new, this mysterious does well in this minimal harsh EBM/Powernoise style. And as usually, also this release is strictly limited to 100 pieces. Also a special edition of only 20 pieces packaged in a special steel box is in preparation. Act up soon and get it!

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