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Artist: NOYCE™ (@)
Title: Coma
Format: CD
Label: In-D Records (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
Only after the first listening I went to my CD collection to have a look and a listen of their past works. Why the fuck wasn’t I impressed with their last EP "White Hypnotized Noise" at all? What has changed in this almost 7 years, that this German act is now able to write and produce a top-notch Synth-/Futurepop-inspired full-length album? It may has something to do with musically maturity and experience through the years, because "Coma" stands for one of the releases this genre has to offer. Diversity and a good taste in the arrangements are well included on all tracks here, catchy and danceable Futurepop pieces like "Karmacoma" or "Headland" are presented in a united kind with ballad-like themes ("Wachcoma") or darker pieces like "Year 03". Especially the included orchestral-like string sounds to the end of this track can add a bombastic feeling. The lyrics are presented in both English and German language (the content of "Mensch" hits the content of the famous German Pop/Rock star H. Grönemeyer!!!) without providing banal verses, also the globally theme on the not only clinical meant coma of humanity is well chosen. NOYCE hit the nail with this modern and up-to-date produced album and should be soon get heard in all alternative and relevant clubs. It also works well at your home entertainment, so congrats to the new label In-D Records. I think they couldn’t start with a better release like this!

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