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Artist: TRISTRAUM (@)
Title: First Embrace
Format: CD EP
Label: Section 44 (@)
Rated: *****

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FIRST EMBRACE is the second single coming from Tristraum's latest album "Gray". It contains remixes of two tracks ("First embrace" and "I'm under no one") plus "Shiver - Therm remix" already released as B-side of their "Shiver" mixes 12", released two years ago. On this E.P. we can find four versions of the main track thanks to Empire State Human (they did a good dance electro pop mix of the track), Amurai (the "Club remix" is really convincing with its house/trance revision), Trotski's Block (this version is more dance e.b.m. oriented) and Lime N Dale (this version is trancey and dilated, good for dancefloors). "I'm under no one" has been reworked by God Project (dreamy electro pop meets e.b.m.) and by Sequentia (they did a synthpop remix permeated by a certain dark vein). If you appreciated the band's album, for sure you'll dig these remixes...

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