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Title: Aether
Format: CD
Label: Section 44 (@)
Rated: *****

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Formed back in 2002 and hailing from U.K. the Eight To Infinity since then participated to several compilations ("Electricity 2", "Utopia: A Tribute to Giorgio Moroder", "State of Synthpop 2005", etc.). They initially signed for Nightwave, passed to Kiss My Asterix records and since the label converged into Section 44 they finally had a chance to release their first album AETHER in 2006. Containing 13 tracks (11 if you don’t count the intro and the outro) the album has a good dancey pop/electro attitude that goes beyond the synthpop classification. Arron, Sophie, Alistair and Val created a good blend of electro wave that sounds fresh and personal. Some examples? "Mistress vinyl" is a really good pop track with a little bit of electro e.b.m. and a bit of synthpop and the alternation of male/female vocals is really catchy. Another good one is "Travelogue", an upbeat ballad with particular sounds (check the use of electro sounds and the violin interlude ) that keep the energy high and that exaltate the soft voice of Sophie. All the tracks are worth the price of the CD and Eight To Infinity score an important point and they did it with their first release. This is good, isn’t it?

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