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Artist: DYSTOPIATE (@)
Title: Feral City
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Hailing from Winnipeg we got here the self-produced debut release of Skot Moat, the man behind DYSTOPIATE. Skot presents us here 9 tracks based into the Dark Electro/Industrial genre, but with some peculiarities. The kind how Skot arranges and uses his self-created drum patterns and bass lines has got a kind of special, even not heard before. A bit hard to find some possible comparisons, I tend to use elements of the early FORMA TADRE, IMPLANT to their CCP times, and parts of TYPE001with a lesser EBM attitude as a possible try. Add to this a more American-like drum pattern programming and you’ll got a hint how it is. The music is well and intelligent arranged, also the lyrics aren’t like anything else discovered before, and Skot seems to put some efforts in it, not to fall into EBM/Electro-like cliches. The vocals seem to be kinda manipulated, but still understandable – they may could need a bit more of a "human factor", some more kind of singing than trying hard to act like a news reporter. Although some tracks like "Paranalysis" or "Holocaustic" can provide some dancefloor action, I don’t think that this is the intention of Skot’s music - the stuff works better under a good pair of headphones. So we have a nice done and professional looking debut release of one of Canada’s up and coming artists. Thanks to his given talent, I’m sure we haven’t heard for the last time of this promising act. Recommend!

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