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Title: Anatomia Del Ruido
Format: CD
Label: NEIN Records (@)
Rated: *****
New release for the San Diego-based NEIN Records label, providing us this time a split-CD project featuring both mentioned acts. BABYLONE CHAOS are hailing from France and they present rough Power Electronics at times rhythmically, but mostly Electronica-like arranged. Rhythmical yes, here and there, but it isn’t that kind of hard Techno-inspired patterns and this stuff is generally not focusing to be danceable. Very hard structures at all, also with a lot of samples out of different music styles. No easy listening for sure, more of that kind which needs several rotations to grow on you. The second project MOS[K], which by the way runs by NEIN Records label chief Roberto Royas aka Otrebor 7, differs a lot by providing Powernoise pretty much dedicated to dancefloor compatibility, but also without falling into this reduced Techno formula. To me the better and more impressive stuff which also seems to offer some more routine in the arrangements. Five tracks are presented here by both acts, plus each band has constructed a remix work of a track from the other band – so in all 12 tracks featuring some really good and well achieved Powernoise/IDM/Glitch stuff, which is a must-have for the fans. Please note the limitation of this release of about 777 numbered pieces.

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