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Title: Works
Format: CD
Label: Bpitch Control (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
The 137th release by Bpitch Control is a remix project wished by Paul Kalkbrenner. He decided to make available to other artists he appreciate, all his sources that he used for his previous releases (he did 21 releases, counting 12" and albums, since 1999) and he let them pick up the track they preferred just to do of it whatever they wanted to. In this way the Wighnomy Brothers, Sascha Funke, Agoria, Ellen Allien & Apparat, Joris Voorn, Alexander Kowalski, Modeselector and Michael Mayer picked up tracks coming from "Steinbesser", "F.fwd", "Self", "Press on", "Tatü-tata" and "Superimpose". Also Kalkbrenner did a remix and he picked up "Der berserker", a track originally included into the album "Gemeinsam der berserker". The original tracks have been heavily changed as people like Agoria, for example, on their remix of "Page 1, 2, 3" took only an accordion line from the original version. The various tracks sound now span though minimal techno to ambient with upbeat parts or breakbeat tempos. The remixers did a good job as the tracks have different mood changes (within the same track) and this sense of growth keep them interesting for the whole length.

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