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Title: Till The End
Format: CD
Label: Russian Gothic Project
Rated: *****
Second full length CD release for this Russian one man project consisting of DJ Negative aka Sergey Losyakow, this time released through the organization known as Russian Gothic Project. Already the first tunes on this new full length show already the difference to the EBM-like structured debut "R.I.P." – Sergey could gain some more maturity on his equipment and he tends separate better between styles. Although that fine appreciated EBM style of the debut turns a bit in the background, his new output shows more diversity and development. Danceable tunes like the glorious "Birthday", which impresses through some excellent played Synth hook lines, "Idiom" or "Terror Fashion" should be able to keep some masses in motion, while a piece like "Paparazzi" are more designed for the open-minded audience thanks to the featured breakbeats here. The slowly arranged "Thoughts" once more proves the musically diversity and provides some acoustic guitars as well – it’s like music for some sad and gray rainy days. A lot of to discover here on this disc, which is – as usual for a DJ – an instrumental album. Some plans are existing about a collaboration with Tommy T. Rapisardi of the US label DSBP, whose voice out of a Cyberage radio show got sampled here on the last track "...The End", for a new DIVERJE album to be released at the fall. Good work, well chosen and tasteful arranged electronic music – keep it on!

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