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Artist: Celeste Noir (@)
Title: Dark Dancer
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
German synth-pop/horrorpop trio Celeste Noir is back with another club killer cd. This time it's a 7 song ep. "Dark Dancer" is not only on the lines of Depeche Mode, but also on the lines of New Order. Carsten, the band's singer is still at his very best with baritone vocals and the lyrics are seriously on the drama side with a sense of humour. Don't take them for granted, don't underestimate them because of their synthy bouncy sound. Celeste Noir always challenge themselves by making a perfect record that's different from their previous releases. Each song provides a catchy intro within 15-20 seconds that will get the listener undivided attention and worthy to pay close attention to. Like Depeche Mode and New Order, their music is punctuated by style and technique with perfection. The band is complete in control of their own music and production. They have that aggression to be cold and bitchy, but also with a lot of love to give and spread. They can take one simple idea, twists it, turns it, and inflates it to epic proportions combining repetition with a sense of the unexpected.. The German trio doesn't have to impress or show off. They deliver the best club/dance record. And this one is brilliant up to date.Tracklistings:1. Dark Dancer (Original)2. I Won't Cry3. Black Dog (2006)4. The Music of the Heart5. No Place For You6. The One I Left Behind (New Version)7. Still Alive8. Dark Dancer (12 Inch Mix)9. Dark Dancer (C-D-R Mix)

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