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Artist: MOEBIUS (@)
Title: Nurton
Format: CD
Label: Blue Pole
Rated: *****

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Active since the early 70’s with Kluster (with Roedelius and Schnitzler) and then with Cluster (when Schnitzler left), Moebius during the years collaborated also with other people like Eno, Plank, Beerbohm, Thompson, etc. He previously did only two solo album and NURTON, which comes after from his 2002 release "Live in Japan" and after is second solo album titled "Blotch" released back in 1999, is the third. Known as one of the fathers of krautrock along with Neu, Faust, Can, etc, on this new album Moebius mix vintage and digital synth sounds with nowadays solutions (hip hop rhythms, samples, etc.) creating fourteen instrumental tracks that convinced me because even if they are based on a cyclic structure there’s always a new element or a melodic change that keep your attention alive. Dieter Moebius recorded the different track experimenting with sounds and keeping the light errors of the execution just to give an human dimension to his compositions. Sometimes the tracks sounds a little unfinished but if you relax and let yourself go with the atmosphere created, you could join a nice and weird voyage though the space ambient audio sculptures created. Really interesting...

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