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Artist: Martyn Bates & Troum (@)
Title: To A Child Dancing In The Wind
Format: CD
Label: Transgredient Records
Rated: *****
Martyn Bates, best known for being the singer of the new wave cult-band Eyeless in Gaza, sings over Troum's dronescapes in this stunning release. Bates otherworldly singing is engineered by fellow EiG member Peter Becker and fits extremely well with Troum's surprisingly bright and calm droning filigree (similar to the 1st chapter of their Tjukurpa serie).In four tracks Bates sings poems by his beloved WB Yeats as he did in some of his solo-works in the past years - the remaining two tracks are instrumental and more experimental, with Bates playing processed harmonica and mouthorgan over Troum's feedback cascades. The cd comes in a beautiful 6-panel digipack created by Daniel Croakert (of the Mystery Sea Cdr-label) that reminds of the booklet artwork of Bates' solo-masterpiece "Mystery Sea -letters written#2". A massive release.

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