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Title: We Are All Drifting
Format: CD + DVD
Label: Cocosolidciti (@)
Rated: *****
Cocosolidciti has put out another top notch release and even if you're not in the style of melodic electronic music they manufacture, there's no doubt the way they connect music and visuals is always top notch. Pretty Boy Crossover style is exquisitely british, I mean, this band marries the best shoe-gaze harmonies with a delightful electronic touch with a resulting relaxing effect. According to what I've just said this band somehow brings forward the work of forefathers like Seefeel even if under a more poppy and "modern" prospective (above if compared with the last period of the ensemble featuring Mark Clifford), but there are moments in which the "softly sinking" sensation is quite similar. The most of the songs are really evocative but at the same time I'm so glad they've been able to stay away from that cheesy melodic structure many bands create under the nefastus desire to sound like Mogway (I love Mogway but I think together with Karate they've indirectly created too many bad clichés). This could already be an interesting release but after having seen the dvd disc I've been completely blow away by the whole project. Pretty Boy Crossover music and Julio Soto's video are amazing, these long clip are always somewhere in-between video art and short movies. When writing about invisible cities it's hard to omit the subject of every single clip is developed incredibly well and above all it's incredible how the result is so good but at the same time it looks so simple. Mr. Soto ability in digitally reworking images and the development of the whole narrative plot without words is great and yes the music fits incredibly well that the first idea is they have been created simultaneously (even if I doubt it and I dunno it). Bravo!!.

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