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Artist: Theme
Title: Our Angels Dislocated
Format: CD
Label: Lumberton Trading Company
Rated: *****
Theme is a trio hailing from Brighton, UK. They have been around since the split-up of their previous band Splintered in 1996, but this is only their second work to date. They create a dark & hypnotic blend of ambient whose glitchy and ethnic detailing mixed together give birth to a quite unique sound.
The second track "Repeat to Fade" starts with a simple but effective guitar part, then gradually turns into a sinus-nightmare in the vein of COH or other fellow Raster Noton artists. In "A Few Words Failed' we have a repetitive droney sitar topped with frequencies, resulting in a hybrid mutant of minimal electronics and some weird post-industrial ethnic perversion. The fourth track is called "East of Now" and has some cool Indian chants in it. A mention must be made at the flawless production and at the artwork/packaging. Highly recommended if you're into post-industrial acts as Zoviet France, O Yuki Conjugate or even Coil's later ambient works - just sit back on your opium couch and enjoy this record.

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