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Artist: POLVERE (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Wallace (@)
Rated: *****
Right after having reviewed End Of The Summer, Coletti and Iriondo are back with Polvere and this time it's a full length that's following a good debut 3" mcd. Xabier Iriondo really learned how to make it all sound since like I've been repeating before every sound is forged and shaped and consequentially recorded with a great sound engineering ability. Polvere by some means is the avant/kraut folk project of this couple of musicians and beside the experimental/post-psychedelic characteristics of the cd it shows their melodical/acoustic virtues. Weird samples, electro-acoustic pastiches and acoustic instruments marry acoustic or non distorted guitars with their usual seventy-cut but in a truly melodious style. Imagine Gastre Del Sol playing with Cul De Sac or Fahey and jamming together with undistorted/softest Faust or even Can, well... you’re probably on the right way to identify this unconventional object. The plastic cover itself is a real piece of heart and together with the top notch recording makes this object valuable of you money. High quality as one can expect and if you're into the majority of projects connecting Coletti and Iriondo you'll almost certainly like it. Polvere’ sound probably works better on briefer length but some episodes are definitely interesting.

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