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Title: Beautiful Bytes
Format: CD
Label: Basswerk (@)
Distributor: Caroline
Rated: *****

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N. Phect & Dizplay are two brothers coming from Cologne which decided back in 2002 to collaborate as a drum’n’bass production team. After working in other different bands (sometimes also together) they released for Basswerk their first album titled "Beautiful bytes". The thirteen tracks of the CD gathers their newest releases, revisitations (their big hit "Velvet morning" here’s remixed as "My velvet morning" and "Tsunami" along with "Inside the hive" are here present as in their "2006 VIP rmx"), collaborations ("Deep throat" see dj Phace working with them) and remixes (here you can find their version of The Green Man’s "Damn wire" and the r’n’b influenced Starke & Gorterer’s "You can go on"). There are also a couple of tracks by Dizplay alone, "Shining through" and "Don’t you see" (two tracks that have also a certain pop influence with catchy vocal inserts along with the drum’n’bass/breakbeat solid structure) as well one by N.phect alone ("Enjoy the madness" has also ambient influences along with powerful orchestra samples). Even if the album is a collection of tracks it sounds homogeneous and it will give you the opportunity to enjoy the energetic brothers’ style called "neurofunk".

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