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Artist: VV.AA (@)
Title: Lucid Motion Picture Soundtrack
Format: CD
Label: Amen-ta
Distributor: Amazon
Rated: *****
I have never heard a music soundtrack that feature different artists who contribute a song that fit perfectly well for a movie until I heard this one. This was a very big surprise to me. The movie was shot here in my hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. Alot of good stuff on here that depicts certain scenes in the film and you can visualize and dramatize what's happening. Most tracks on cd have a laid back type of vibe feel. Kind of arrange in electronica genre. From hip-hop, trip-hop, dub, ambient, and to spoken word that have a jazzy, funk, and experimental feel. Majority of the artists on cd are from Birmingham, Alabama, while Natalie Osborne is held out of Chicago, Illinois. Rapper Masta D, who made his guest appearance in the film by having a small part kicks the disc off with his fast hip-hop track "The War Is On". Emc3ee contributes two songs "Seeing Red", which they shot a video for the promotion for the movie and also feature on the dvd, and their second track "Work It Out" is on the line of the hip-hop group from the 1990's, A Tribe Called Quest. A totally jazzy vibe with a hip-hop beat and their rapping forte sense of humor style. Little fine diva Ms. Kibibi Jones, a regular poet and singer @ the On Stage poetry night in B'ham shows off her vocals in the r&b jazzy tune "Man Of Essence". Spoken word artists Yogi, a tall female who I also see all the time as a regular poet @ the On Stage poetry night @ the Carver Theatre, lets out her tension and aggression in "Unleashed"; Elaine Lindsey who plays the character Angie in the film will put you in a dream like love state with her poetry "Under"; Charles Wheeler is taken by storm by a girl in "It's True"; while Natalie Osborne uplifting a troubled young man who is rejected by others in her hip-hop & funky bassline track on poem "Special". Rapper MC Complet is trying to keep his dreams to himself so he won't hurt his girlfriend who ask to hear about his dream. The instrumental "Impossible", which is an original score for the film have an ambient dreamy feel with a bassline that will make you bob your head and the beat is so tight, it will make you do the tango. "Lucid" Soundtrack is a blending of classic styles that shows off serious talents who really put effort in making the album come alive, which is also heard in the film. The soundtrack itself and movie sums up the feel of the atmosphere. Indeed, a beautiful dreamscape to slip into as your mind falls unconscious while you're listening to the soundtrack.

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