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Title: Fragment 36
Format: 7"
Label: Drone Records
Rated: *****
First and allegedly last ever vinyl for Mirko Uhlig's surreal drone project after the nice cdr on Mystery Sea, to which this sounds like a sort of follow up and darker counterpart at the same time. Still very "massive" and blurred like the MS disc (and quite unlike Uhlig's first solo cdr which I'll review straight after), I venture this is based on guitar-generated drones too, though a glockenspiel can be spotted on the flipside. "Part A" is quite ominous and oppressive, and reminded me of Troum's darker incursions into the subconscious side of human mind. "Part O" is more expanded and serene, with warmer tones in the standard Aalfang psychedelic way. Green/yellow marbleized vinyl and hand-painted watercolour covers.

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