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Artist: ORLA WREN (@)
Title: butterfly wings make
Format: CD
Label: Expanding (@)
Rated: *****
I think I've already wrote I like Expanding: this label has a clear direction both for the melodic-electronic music (without vocals) they produce and for the artsy photographic aesthetics of their releases. I'm not afraid to say that even if lately I've received several good or at least interesting electronic oriented releases, Orla Wren got immediately my attention. Tui a.k.a. Orla Wren wears an ordinary classy electronic costume, therefore don't expect it to sound crippled like Autechre, cold as Pan Sonic or experimental as Ikeda...nay, I'd say this should be filed like easy listening electronic music to relax listeners ears. So this is "music for lovers" and not for proto-intellectual-freaks, soft electronic sketches mostly evolved around piano sounds, synths, glitches and good tempos. I've been listening this cd in heavy rotation while trying to clean my room and I've caught myself thinking it puts together an brilliant poppy attitude to a stylish decorative taste. Harp synths, guitar loops floating on the background and a repetitive but never boring structure...early Mouse on Mars and Plaid meets Nyman?. Good and never prosaic melodies that accentuate Tui's short comment at the end of the thanks list: "I am inspired".

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