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Artist: G.O.T.H (@)
Title: G.O.T.H
Format: CD EP
Label: Goth Productions
Rated: *****
It seems like the state of Maryland is spawning more and more black goth acts. Let me introduce you a new artist called G.O.T.H, who is an expert in martial arts and likes Japanese/Chinese martial arts movies. He fuse hip-hop with gothic elements, which makes it very interesting. G.O.T.H is a gothic hip-hop or hip-hop goth christian project by Bobby Walker. So appealing, even the vocals are harsh with anger expressing from the bottom of the heart to the top of the lungs. The disc kicks off with "Out Of My Face", a very dark brooding track that's groundbreaking. The beat kicks ass with an industrial-gothic feel. The song is about telling the devil Satan to back off. The next track "Run" reminds me alot of bands like Diva Destruction, Love Is Colder Than Death, Wench, The Machine in the Garden, and Faith & The Muse. The track have a sample of a female singing in the background in an ethereal way. The tracks "Saved" and the instrumental "Sexy" leans more on the industrial edge that's in the like of Nine Inch Nails. The final 5th track "Fight (Heavy Metal Version)" is, of course, metal. The tension in the vocal really have that fierce and mad as hell attitude. G.O.T.H's ideas and music creativity in combining two different music genres actually worked out as planned. This guy is worth checking out.

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