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Artist: SYSTEM
Title: Sample and Hold
Format: CD
Label: Progress Productions (@)
Distributor: Border Music
Rated: *****
Another "retro" release to start a time trip back the late 70ties or early 80ties this time provided by the Swedish label Progress Productions. SYSTEM, so the simple name of this duo consisting of Herr A and Herr B, could already gather some attention in their homeland Sweden with releases on Lobotom Records and have gathered a strong fan base. They play a mixture of KRAFTWERKian ideals, sounds and vocoderized vocals ala "Video Killed The Radio Star" combined with modern kinds of electronic based music. Next to KRAFTWERK acts like TANGERINE DREAM or some WELLE:ERDBALL works would offer a nice reference. It is somewhat inspired by Synthpop and Minimal Electronic efforts, but still with a strong dedication the mentioned times. Somehow it seems to be typical that a release like this comes out of Sweden, who lately often surprises with releases of things and kinds which seemed to be already buried and hidden in the endless history of music. One problem I see on this release: the tracks often remain pretty well in their style and I’m missing a bit that "killing" melodic input to offer something remarkable. Nothing against the Synthpop pearls "Tonight" or "Your Creation", but finally the bomb doesn’t explode because SYSTEM can’t offer anything what could help them a bit to come out of a musically death valley. Nice stuff for the Pop/Wave elders, but nothing for the hardcore stuff lovers.

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