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Artist: TECHNOIR (@)
Title: Manifesto
Format: CD EP
Label: Alfa Matrix (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
A new signing for the Belgium-based label Alfa Matrix – where could be a more decent label to sign with, if you’re a female-leaded Synthpop/Electro/Industrial act? So is TECHNOIR, consisting of Julia Beyer (vocals) and Steffen Gehring, and this act is for sure one of the leaders in their genre, thanks to their past collaboration with the now defunct Bloodline label. Especially Julia Beyer we have lately well discovered on her guest vocalism contribution to the last ROTERSAND EP. With this "Manifesto" EP they come back after a longer break and they show their talent like they’ve never been really away. "Manifesto" is a decent and melodic Synthpop piece and this track here gets some great remix works done by peoples and acts not only based in the Electro/Industrial genre. We have here the House specialists DELOBBO who proves his great technically abilities plus also the German Synthpop institution of BEBORN BETON is well presented. Second main track of this EP is the track "Silence" featured with two remixes created by the Russian DJ RAM and the Hip-Hop producer RABAUKE. For the third track "Liar" we have scene-related remix contributions by Daniel Myer (haujobb.) and ROTERSAND. The eighth and last track is a new version of the track "Breathe" done by TECHNOIR themselves. I prefer somehow always the original works of the band, although the DELOBBO remix gets my vote for the best work here. But the originals give the best impression to the upcoming full length CD on which we can now eagerly waiting for. TECHNOIR have made a good teaser to start a new chapter of their successful journey so far.

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