Music Reviews

Artist: Sterile
Title: Realism
Format: CD
Label: Art of Fact (@)
Distributor: Storming the Base
Rated: *****
Sterile is back with a new release after releasing a 'best of' album on Art of Fact label. Their 2006 debut "Realism" considers a huge production and driving raging vocals that sound-alike between Trent Renzor and Das Ich singer. Even some of the tracks have a Nine Inch Nails and Das Ich feel to it. Electronic, guitars, kickass basslines, movie samples, and tight hardfloor beats create a high volume intensity on this band's album. Heavily sparkle with crisp, strong, and powerful energetic industrial and EBM. The tracks are catchy and hypnotic and will blow you away with its infectious mind-blowing pulsating sound. Striking tracks favorites "Realist", "Statik", "The Unknown", "Script Electric", and "Kidding King" stand the album out. Sterile provides us new fresh tracks that's glitchy body moving like seeking a breath of fresh air and a release of frustration that binds you in your everyday life. Harsh angry vocals depicts what the singer is expressing from his heart. Pick the cd up. It's great to listen to it when you're driving home from work.

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