Music Reviews

Artist: L'EFFECT C'EST MOI (@)
Title: Tomber en heroes
Format: CD
Label: Forart
Rated: *****
I think that's the the debut for L'Effect C'est Moi (shame on me if I'm wrong). This should be filed under gothic/epic music mainly based on keyboards as you expect it too be. This definitely well played and well recorded and it reminds me of early Ain Soph during their Staalplaat days, but less esoteric and definitley more epic. As I've said that's a "keyboard is the key-word" release therefore if you're not into layers of old fashioned sound and fake classic piano sounds thi' not your cup of tea. Epical "march-alike" drum parts on war "apocalictic folk" rhythmical framework. As I've said that's probably a debut and sure there's a lot to be imrpoved above ll in the song writing but if your into the style I think you will dig it esily. the second part of the cd is he most apocalictic one and probably the darkest one but still homogeneous. I think they should add some vocals here and there above all when playing more melodic orinted tunes.

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