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Title: Linked
Format: CD
Label: Setola di Maiale (@)
Rated: *****
Like it or not together with Zu, Roy Paci, Stefano Giust is one of the most prolific extravagant-jazz (?)/306° musicians coming from Italy at the moment. This’ again an electronic release but a really atypical one above all for the creative procedure. All of the rhythms and loops have been played live on Yamaha keyboard and electronic pad and recorded via digital effect processor into a Yamaha recorder that means no computer has been involved neither in the performance nor in the recording. It's again a live recording but as I've wrote before, this guy is into every form of improvisation acoustic/analog/electric, and it obviously implies some tracks are more inspired than others but the whole record is good. Is also interesting how Giust's releases average length is around one hour, sometimes probably it weakens the global effect but I think it has to do with the fact he democratically votes for a "session" presented in its whole. "Changer" and "Plain" brings to mind some old electronic/analog releases on Warp, above all the most dub-influenced ones, there’re a couple of reasons, one is related to the instruments played but the other one to a common/heterogeneous background they share. I think if you're into 90ies electronic on Warp you should give it a listen.

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