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This is a German trio musically based in the Rock/Pop/Alternative genre and with this release they definitively start their assault to enter high Media Control charts. If this will already happen with pre-released SiCD "What They Want" belongs – as usual – on the airplay of the song via radio and TV with an too expensive video (The MTV compatibility). I personally can not find anything interesting at this track, it’s nothing else than a simple Rock/Alternative song, luckily without any Metal-like headbanging syndrome. The promotional efforts are near to perfection I would say, it’s seldom that I’ve read a such a long list of responsible people for all parts like radio, TV, press and online promotion. Yeah, already the graphically art (done by for this promotional CD and the packaging itself is worth to mention positively. This release has to have success and the management expects a lot. Already with the second piece on this full length here, "Alien Girl" the band proves that there’s also room for the electronic side of life. Some fine worked out synth bass lines made me already grab some interest. More impressive – because it keep almost all rocking elements out of the music – is the track "Cocaine", a real "foggy" Electro track. Yes, this band is able to create something special, something which can pick up people out of many different genres. If this will work and get the deserved recognition – the future will tell us. I of course prefer the more electronic-driven tracks and I tend to leave this review without any rating. With so many efforts and professionalism in the back the big success should be only one step away...

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