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Jul 11 2006
Artist: EMPTY (@)
Title: Open Aeon
Format: CD EP
Label: Aphotic Audio (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
This is the follow-up act of the Australian EBM/Electro band TRON, some of you maybe have heard active at the Hellwire community ( EMPTY consist of both members, Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet, and they are playing a kind of Dark Electro following some traditional ideas of the older DISMANTLED combined with some HEAVY WATER FACTORY ideas – if there’s really a need to compare them somehow. Recording for their own small label Aphotic Audio, this is a self-funded but very professional release regarding all important parts from a cool artwork up to the music. It is definitively a subtle but also attractive arranged electronic music which doesn’t follow any overrated hypes. Charles Fenech of ANGEL THEORY, whose talent is for sure well known (please check out the new interview with him here on our site...), has laid his helping hands on the mixing console and did some production on this release and result is a fine and very satisfying official debut EP featuring 6 tracks and two valuable remix contributions by ANGEL THEORY and iammynewt. The opener "Ghost Beside You" and "Blue" can be named as the favorites here, both feature a well done and remarkable dark melodic content – no wonder also that these both tracks received the remix contributions of the both mentioned act. Also a video for "Ghost Beside You" should be now available, just check back the website of the band. Check also out the intense and gloomy final piece "Alone". This release can impress totally through its decent dark, but melodic input, the mood and complexity generally. Here are no "get-hard-be-strong" artists at work, moreover a grown and experienced unit now finally providing outstanding results. Get it, check back the DSBP website to purchase this item.

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