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Title: Cross-Cutting in Cold Frames
Format: CD
Label: Backscatter / Dungeon Recordings (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
It is to say that Kevin J. Cazier's solo effort PERCEPTION CLEANSE PERCEPTION – or short PCP – tends to discover very strange fields of the Industrial music genre, and this can be seen as a total contrary to his other well recognized Electro/Industrial project LITTLE SAP DUNGEON (read reviews and interview somewhere placed here...). Musically diversity is rich given here, styles are present from a dark Ambient-inspired instrumental piece ("Medusa’s Chamber") to Dark Electro ("Descent"), from hammering Industrial with Rap-like vocals ("This Town Can Kiss My Ass") to a furious guitar-driven Industrial tune ("Newsbreak", check out the excellent voice sampling work!!!) – yeah, you’ll also get a cover version of the DEAD KENNEDYS "Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round" – Industrial-Punk as its best! Not that Kevin’s magical hands aren’t talented enough to produce this diversity, no – he has also experienced a lot of help by very talented musicians and friends around him like his partners in crime, Chris Alvarado (23 EXTACY), Xon (BOUNDLESS, SYMBIONT) and to my surprise also from Alan E. Wilson, the other half of the now in hiatus LITTLE SAP DUNGEON. Also worth to mention are the hefty messages behind the lyrics of Kevin, I have seldom heard (and seen, check the great artwork..) a release depending that tough on the current politically situation around the Bush regime. Of course not all pieces here do have my undisturbed attention, which surely belongs to my more limited musically horizon more based onto classic Electro/Industrial effort, but I can recognize Kevin’s authentic style in all "frames" here. This is a hard and diverse release which you all should spend some attention.

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