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Artist: BN LOCO
Title: Echo En Mexico
Format: CD
Label: Sonic 360
Rated: *****
Uriel Esquenazi is the man behind Bn Loco, a new project from Tijuana, Mexico. Uriel has toured around the world djing with Derrick May, Mark Farina, Jay J, Deep Dish, and Laurent Garnier. His newest release ECHO EN MEXICO is a blend of dub, minimal techno, jazz with Latin American influences (thanks to Titan, Sanchez & Ruiz and Sanchez Dub). Being a Sonic 360 release ECHO EN MEXICO is a download only release. It has thirteen tracks based on classic Latin American instruments like trumpet, percussions, etc mixed with electronic sounds. On tracks like "Hombre helado" there’s also space for some blues influences (see the vocals) which with the reggae rhythm of the guitar and the dub bass create a particular lounge atmosphere. The effect is particular and for this reason Sonic 360 decided to call this music "Bad ass border beats". The Mexican influences are evident on tracks like "Cancíon playera" where the beat of the drum machine duet with the bongos and with the vocals of a broken hearted man who sings his love troubles. The atmosphere turn into a jazzy thing with "Jazz joint" just to change with "Salu 2" where a guitar a la Santana duet with dub rhythms. The production is good and accurate and if you are into dub, jazz, latino and slick atmospheres with a little bit of experimentation, check this one.

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