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Artist: Urban Delights (@)
Title: Revolution No.1
Format: CD
Label: Unique Records (@)
Distributor: Groove Attack
Rated: *****
Urban Delights is DJ and MC Harry K. from Brighton, UK (known for being part of Apollo 440, Maximum Roach, The Jungle) and guitar player, singer and producer Malte Hagemeister from Hamburg, Germany (who played with and/or wrote songs for Black Rain, Fettes Brot, Timo Maas and many others). Together the two fuse their common grounds and mentalities for a genre-defying cross-border mix of disco-inspired rock-pop electro-clash (how about that?!). What is interesting is that the german guitar player almost sounds more like the musician hailing from the UK and the DJ sounds like he's been spinning euro-beats (yes the UK is part of Europe, but I think you'll catch my drift). It's really hard to make comparisons here. If you can, try to think of an unlikely but very modern mix of the Killers, the White Stripes, Blur, Bee Gees, Prodigy and what not... I am sure there are more appropriate influences to quote in this paragraph, but I'll let you find out what they are. In other words if you are a sucker for the brit grit sound and the hipshaking fat and dirty beats and the party culture male vocals, you can't miss out on this.

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