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Artist: MAY-FLY (@)
Title: Flight Into The Darkness
Format: CD
Label: X-Cem (@)
Distributor: SXDistribution
Rated: *****
It is more the darkness of a human mind which is provided here by Torsten Vogel’s solo project MAY-FLY, another promising act under the wings of the German X-Cem community, which is more a united collection of bands than a real label. Torsten is also responsible for the lyrical content of the big WYNARDTAGE underground smasher "Sterbehilfe", so this fact may has helped him to join the forces of Kai Arnold at X-Cem. Nevertheless also MAY-FLY offers some interesting stuff here on this debut which make it valuable to purchase this release. Globally said, MAY-FLY are an active part of the new and refreshing generation of hard EBM/Electro/Industrial music made in Germany, also the whole X-Cem roster falls under this term. The music of Torsten is straight produced, mostly 4/4-on-the-floor EBM with some milder undertones as well. A small portion of Synthpop can be discovered here as well. The vocals are mostly slight distorted, but Torsten also tries here to integrate diversity and so some experiments with a vocoder ("Outbreak") for example can be heard. The lyrics provided in both languages German and English often fall into some cliches like diseases ("Outbreak"), religion ("Which God..?"), vampires ("N.O.S.F.E.R.A.T.U."), wars ("Sturmfront") – in short: nothing what can not be found somewhere else in this genre is missed here. This counts also for the music, really new stuff which couldn’t be heard somewhere else before is not available here, but it fits generally well with the music offered by the X-Cem roster. Best tracks are the harder and straighter pieces here, "Which God...", "Raper" and "Soulcatcher", while I’m not into the so-called club hit "Ich Will Tanzen", which gives an excellent example how an embarrassing voice sample can ruin a whole track – maybe this is the reason why this track could grab so much attention???! Please note also the well done remixes created by Torsten’s X-Cem mates CYBER WHORE (a cool sounding male/female vocal duet on the track "Angelie"), both WYNARDTAGE and LA MAGRA (have worked on "Ich Will Tanzen" – both I prefer rather more than the original...), and the amazing ACYLUM ("Raper": reduced to the message itself, but again damned effective produced...). Some good tunes are on here – so go out and purchase it.

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