Music Reviews

Artist: DJENJER (@)
Title: vortex
Format: CD
Rated: *****
Minimal-industrial music - minimal electronics? To be or not to be?!...differently from Hamlet, the matter this time remains the same. I think the main source for the opening track is a cable connected to an amplifier and than manipulated with a naked hand or with any possible human conductor in general, add some distortion effect, a reverb, a flanger and you probably have it. Sometimes it gets more rhythmical, sometimes it could be the acoustic and ultra-minimalist answer to Panasonic’s debut, but it’s a bit too "to the bone" to be realisticly compared. The sound is not bad at all, but it’s a bit vague so vague it’s hard o get the real point in most of the track (shapeless or not). Probably Djenjer is into few weapons/instruments but used as much as he can, but it sounds a bit incomplete. I think if he would had some more samples/sounds the future will look brighter... but maybe he will pursue this "reductionist" path demonstrating I’m completely wrong.

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