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Title: Hyper Sexy Conscious
Format: CD
Label: Kosmo Records (@)
Distributor: Caroline
Rated: *****

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If I should sum the review of the third Tomcraft’s album titled HYPER SEXY CONSCIOUS I would only write: "wow"! I mean, this album is a smash! It contains all the elements that a dance album needs: good tunes, rhythm, house as well as techno and electro elements all blended into a perfect formula. Produced into his home studio in Munich, Tomcraft called Tai Jason for production (he also did the rap parts into the smash hit "Sureshot" and the electro gem "Quelle heure est il") and Rolf "Jam El Mar" Ellmer (from Jam & Spoon) for the creation of three tracks ("Electronic toys", "Roots" and "Dirty Sanchez"). For the female vocals he called Dacia Bridges and Stephenie Coker (she sung into "Bloated" a sensual soul’n’blues electro track and into "Da disco", a house track where her bluesy vocal enrich the cool melodies created by Tomcraft, Tai and Trokken & Lützenkirchen). The album opens with "Sureshot" (which is also the first single released after the album), a track that will convince you in no time with its hip hop techno structure (if you love Prodigy tracks of the likes of "Breathe" or "Smack my bitch up", you’ll love this one) and which is also present as bonus into the version featuring Sido & Tai Jason for an even more rappier version. "Quelle heure est il" is a perfect track for the electro lovers and it has already released as a single the last year. Check its 4/4 rhythms and the funky guitar...I’m sure you’ll love it! House techno is present with the following "On screen" where Dacia Bridges gives her sexy performance on vocals. "Roots" changes the atmosphere of the album turning it into a dark soundtrack with long synth pads and a catchy rock guitar. There are so many high points into this album that it is difficult to name each of them but each track contains something new that will catch your attention while your feet will start moving since the first notes of the album. Tomcraft is a well respected producer, he did remixes for Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds and Dandy Warhols to name few and this is your chance to check his skills in full. Don’t lose this opportunity!

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